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How to avoid the formation of kidney stones

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Kidney stones create much pain in the body. That too it creates pains whenever we urinate. Those who has got kidney stones must be very of the food they consume. Kidney stones form when there is a deficiency of water in the body or over consumption of a particular type of food.

It forms because of certain chemicals in the body. Moreover, stones form whenever uric acid exceeds the limit. Consuming calcium rich milk and milk products and oxalate rich greens and veggies also causes formation of H-8 salt stones. When salt forms inside the kidneys, we have to drink plenty of water. Otherwise, they settle as stones in the kidneys. When the stones move towards the urinary bladder, we experience a strong pain.

  • To avoid the formation of kidney stones, one has to drink plenty of water that too 8 glasses of water a day is mandatory.
  • Citrus fruits like lemon and orange control the formation of stones.
  • When sodium level raises in the blood, the risk of stone formation increases. Hence reduce the use of sodium rich salt in the food. It is not only controls the formation of stones, but also controls the Blood pressure.
  • Beef and egg should be taken in a minimum amount in order to avoid kidney stones. The protein level is very high in beef and egg. The production of uric acid increases and decreases the level of citric acid, resulting in the formation of kidney stones. Hence reduce the amount of non-veg in the diet.
  • Banana stem juice in the empty stomach for a week should be taken by people who suffer from kidney stones. This will dissolve the stones rapidly. Individuals, who don’t have stone, also can take this juice once in a month to avoid kidney stones.
  • Some of the food items also causes kidney stones. It is necessary to know these food items are beet root, spinach and chocolate, nuts which contain phosphorus also causes kidney stones.
  • It is better to avoid health problems than to find out the solution for the problems. Hence to avoid the problem of kidney stones, drink plenty of water along with necessary amount of fruits and vegetables.

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